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Retirement VisionĀ®

You only get one retirement. Let's make it a great one.

We believe in using a comprehensive, defined planning approach that focuses on your specific needs and circumstances. Our Retirement Vision® process gives you a plan that is tailored to you and includes not only investment advice, but also incorporates tax considerations, estate concerns, and over-all risk management as well.  We also coordinate with your CPA and attorney if applicable to make sure we get relevant expertise from all angles.

With the majority of Americans spending more time planning their next vacation than their retirement, nothing is more important to your long-term financial security than making sure we have a specific, carefully constructed financial plan that you can follow. Your personal Retirement Vision® strategy covers the six critical areas of retirement:

1. Income Planning

  • Income, Expense and Budget Analysis
  • Social Security Optimization Strategy
  • Pension Maximization 
  • Inflation/Hyperinflation Planning

2. Investment Counseling

  • Evidence-Based Investing
  • Low Cost, Efficient Strategies
  • IRA/401K/Retirement Asset Planning
  • Mutual Fund Fee Analysis
  • Fiduciary Standard of Care

3. Tax Planning

  • Tax Minimization Planning
  • Roth Conversion Analysis
  • Required Minimum Distrubution (RMD) Planning
  • Gifting Strategies

4. Risk Management

  • Investment Risk Analysis
  • Stress Test Scenarios
  • Personal Liability Overview

5. Health Care Planning

  • Medicare/Health Insurance Planning
  • Long Term Care Planning

6. Estate & Legacy Planning

  • Trust Services*
  • Life Insurance
  • Estate Tax Planning

* LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

Developing a plan for you is only the first step. When you become a client we make a lifetime commitment to be there to help every step of the way. Circumstances often change, and we will periodically review and update your plan as necessary to ensure it stays up to date.

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